In the Creator Economy, content has become a commodity. Content creators have become the charming online experts that entertain, educate and inspire us.

But even though they make it look easy, these individuals work hard to create content that audiences love. They are constantly on their toes to keep up with trends and evolve alongside algorithms — all while still creating niche and unique work.

So, how exactly do content creators turn their passions into a profit?

Content creators, whether you write, speak, dance or sing, media update's Lara Smit is here to show you how you can earn that cha-ching in four ways:

1. Subscriptions

In an online world where people can find content everywhere, how do you persuade someone to subscribe to yours? The answer is simple: You make it exclusive and ad-free.

Subscriptions allow your followers to have access to content that is more detailed and advantageous to them than conventional content. This work may contain:
  • detailed tutorials
  • educational information
  • updated content
  • advice and practical tips
  • unseen work
  • unshortened content, and
  • behind-the-scene snippets.
Followers also pay for an improved experience when reading, watching or listening to your content. Therefore, you can offer them subscriptions that allow them to consume your content without viewing or listening to ads.

media update top tip: Don’t keep all of your good content locked up! You need to provide at least some content for free to inspire people to click 'subscribe'.

2. Sponsorships and partnerships with brands

Content creators often act as a bridge between brands and their target audiences. This is because they are an uncommercialised, trusted and 'real' voice through which brands can appeal to consumers.

Therefore, brands often contact content creators and influencers and form partnerships with them. These alliances often require creators to use and promote a brand’s products, services or merchandise in their content.

For example, if you are an artist who creates videos about your drawings or paintings, a brand may ask you to use their art equipment and talk about the advantages of this equipment in your videos. By doing this, your followers will recognise or seek this equipment in stores to create art of similar quality.

Why? Because as an artist yourself, your experience and expertise hold weight in that conversation, so your opinion holds weight.

Creators often collaborate on content ideas with these brands to ensure that they still retain the voice and style of content their followers love while promoting these businesses.

3. Advertisements

Ads are a fantastic way for content creators to earn an income from their work.

So, how do you make use of ads?

You can insert them at the beginning or end of your videos or podcasts. Some creators even incorporate them following an introduction in their content. Another way that you can make use of ads is by including banner ads on your website.

While some publishers and creators choose not to use ads on their online platforms because they fear it will disrupt their audience's experience, they're still worth mentioning.


Well, a big advantage of using ads is that you can give your followers all of the content that they want for free while still earning money from it.

4. Selling creations and merchandise

Many creators produce content exhibiting products, art or music that they make. Therefore, many users follow them to observe or learn their creative processes and to see what they make. These followers are often infatuated by this work and are likely to buy the items that are created.

It is for this reason that many creators often use online platforms to sell or auction off the items that they make to their followers.

Many of these creators also develop merchandise that represents the brand that they have created for themselves online. For example, they might create shirts or jackets that feature their catchphrases or images that they have made.

These creators also often partner up with brands to create this merchandise. They then promote and sell this merchandise using online platforms.

What's another way that creators can profit from their content? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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