"We care so deeply about our healthcare workers fighting this pandemic. We have heard some heartbreaking stories and cannot imagine the emotional stress they are having to cope with on a daily basis," says Chantelle Fritz, PNA's marketing and PR manager. 

"Our main aim is to uplift their spirits and let them know they are so appreciated. As a business we are committed to driving vaccination education among our staff so that we can reduce the statistics to provide some reprieve to the hospitals," adds Fritz. 

The head of nursing at Groote Schuur received the 100 gifts, which were then handed over to the Covid ICU ward staff later in the day.

"This is such a lovely surprise and much needed after the extreme burnout we've been experiencing," cocnludes the head. "Despite the effects of Covid-19 not slowing down, I can just see the nurses' stress fade away with every colour used, and even more wonderful is that we will be able to cheer up the walls of our wards with the colourful art they create. Thank you so much for thinking about us."

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