A brand's blueprint, which is developed during the brand development phase, helps to guide brands and show them how they would act or respond in certain situations.

It also indicates what topics, products or services they would likely endorse, what platforms they would need to be active on, the tone in which they would speak to their target audiences and the kinds of things they would say.

Essentially, during this development phase, you're giving your brand a personality so it can stand out from its competitors, and the blueprint is a plan you can refer back to, to ensure that the brand hasn't lost its way.

It should then be concerning to note that many companies overlook this important step when they begin their marketing process, or end up with something that just does not speak to their overall business objectives.

If you don't know who you are, how would you know how to act? You can't be everything to everyone, so knowing who your brand is not, is also helpful in guiding the life of the brand.

No one is going to spend money if they aren't going to make money from it; business and brand need to work together to create real value and success. To understand and support the business goals through the brand, place great emphasis on listening to your clients in order to gain a deeper understanding of what their actual needs are.

Really listening to clients is a major differentiating factor between you and other brands. The insights gained through those conversations empower you to develop a solid foundation for a brand, which is key for consistency and strengthening the brand equity, and therefore, the client's business in the process.

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