Uma Rudd Chia, ECD and co-founder of KVUR, was the ambassador for 2021's Singapore executive jury. 

"The advertising world and the parameters that define creativity have always been very male-skewed. The Gerety Awards brings a nice balance to this by having an all-female panel to judge creative work from a uniquely female lens," says Chia.

"And this year, the Singapore panel was made up of women creative leaders of different races and cultures, which brought about a diversity of thinking to the decision making process. It was nice to see how while we all had our unique takes, favourite pieces and differences of opinions, we all collectively agreed on the best work; it goes to show that good creative work transcends individual differences," adds Chia.

The judging was followed by the jury insight panels. The free to watch events were billed as creative awakenings, with each panel including some of this year's judges from the different jury locations in:
  • London
  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Milan
  • Singapore
  • Lagos
  • Toronto
  • Santiago
  • Los Angeles, and
  • Paris.
The jury will choose the final winners, who will be announced Monday, 6 September. It will include Gold, Silver, Bronze, Grand Prix, and overall Network and Agency of the Year Awards.

Individuals are encouraged to view the full shortlist here

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